Thursday, 20 December 2012

Creative Handicrafts

Since 1984 Creative Handicrafts, a social enterprise, has been striving to empower disadvantaged women of the slum communities of Mumbai. It firmly believes that economic independence is the first step towards self reliance and empowerment. Hence, Creative Handicrafts imparts training to the women to produce textile based handicrafts, soft toys and other utility items and to market them to eke out a living.
The ultimate objective of Creative Handicrafts is to build sustainable communities where respect for human person is held high and no differentiation based on caste, gender or religion is prevalent.
Over the years hundreds of women have benefited from the skill training provided by Creative Handicrafts. A majority of them have been enterprising and have been making their lives on their own. However, the others, from the neighbouring 5 slum communities, who are not so enterprising continue to be part of our cooperatives busy producing handicrafts and other articles of beauty and value. They are the bread winners for their family. Hence, their standard of life is directly related to the turnover of Creative Handicrafts.
Creative Handicrafts has realized that social enterprise and fair trade is the answer to globalization and its after effects. When the entire world is propelled by profit motive Creative Handicrafts invites you to be different by joining the movement of fair trade which makes not a few millionaires but many bread winners.

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